NWSL Shatters Attendance Records and Viewership Rating in 2024 Season

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has kicked off its 2024 season with record-breaking numbers that defy expectations and emphasizes the league’s growing popularity. From unprecedented attendance figures to soaring viewership, the NWSL is setting new standards for women’s sports leagues worldwide.

Attendance Surge

The NWSL has seen a remarkable increase in attendance during the first half of the 2024 season, with over 1 million fans attending regular season matches—a staggering 42% rise compared to the same period last year. This surge in attendance has been consistent throughout the league, reflecting a growing fan base and heightened interest in women’s soccer.

On average, each match drew an impressive 11,000 spectators, highlighting the league’s ability to attract a dedicated and enthusiastic audience. The enthusiasm of fans has been palpable, filling stadiums and creating an electric atmosphere at each game.

The excitement surrounding the NWSL is further exemplified by the fact that six clubs have already set new attendance records this season. From coast to coast, fans have turned out in droves to support their teams, signaling a shift in the landscape of women’s professional sports.

Television Viewership Skyrockets

In addition to the booming attendance figures, television viewership for NWSL matches has experienced an astronomical increase. The league has garnered a total of 7.2 million viewers so far in the 2024 season—a remarkable 95% surge compared to the entire 2023 season. This surge in viewership illustrates the growing demand for women’s soccer on both traditional and digital platforms, as fans tune in to catch the action live.

Impact Beyond the Field

The record-breaking success of the NWSL in 2024 extends beyond mere numbers—it signifies a cultural shift in the perception and support of women’s athletics. The league is truly dedicated to taking this success beyond the field. In collaboration with UKG, last week the NWSL introduced “Beyond the Field,” an innovative professional development program offering a variety of resources designed to help athletes achieve their career goals beyond the pitch! This initiative underscores a strong commitment to empowering players with comprehensive career support both on and off the soccer field.

Moreover, the NWSL’s achievements underscore the importance of investment in women’s sports and the potential for substantial growth and development in the future. As more fans, sponsors, and media outlets recognize the value and excitement of women’s soccer, the league continues to carve out its place on the global sports stage.


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NWSL Shatters Attendance Records and Viewership Rating in 2024 Season

NWSL Introduces “Beyond The Field”