NWSL Introduces “Beyond The Field”

On June 18, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) announced a groundbreaking collaboration with UKG called “Beyond the Field,” an innovative professional development program offering a variety of resources designed to help athletes achieve their career goals beyond the pitch! This initiative underscores a strong commitment to empowering players with comprehensive career support both on and off the soccer field.

“Beyond the Field” will guide early-to-mid career athletes and those transitioning to retirement through a meticulously crafted curriculum. From resume writing to interview coaching and networking strategies, this program equips players with essential skills for their professional journey. Integrated into the NWSL’s Teamworks player portal, it provides seamless access to self-paced career-oriented content and invaluable resources. Key features include:

  • Resume Writing and Project Management Courses
  • Interview Coaching and Negotiation Skills
  • Networking Best Practices
  • Professional Development Services

Moreover, players will access leadership, analytics, communications, financial literacy, and personal investment courses, aligning their career aspirations with growth opportunities in various fields. The program also features interactive workshops, led by industry experts in entrepreneurship, sports management, broadcast, entertainment, and technology, promise practical insights. A dynamic speaker series will further inspire players towards personal and professional excellence.

A highlight awaits at the end of each NWSL season: a three-day career development event during the NWSL Championship, culminating “Beyond the Field” with immersive experiences and opportunities. This event will consist of a variety of programming including:

  • Networking and Leadership Engagement Sessions
  • Career-Planning Seminars
  • Professional Skills Development
  • Personal Branding Sessions
  • Wellness Conversations

Kudos to NWSL and UKG for championing equity and empowerment in women’s soccer, paving the way for holistic athlete development beyond the game. Let’s celebrate this stride towards a more inclusive and supportive sporting community!


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