Midwest Hooligans Strong Preseason Builds 2024 Promise!

The Midwest Hooligans are preparing for an important season, highlighted by their strong showings in the preseason. In games against UPSL teams like the Pre-College Development Academy and Southern Indiana FC, the Hooligans demonstrated their skill and commitment, signaling a promising season ahead.

In their first preseason game, the Hooligans secured a solid 4-1 win against the Pre-College Development Academy, showing off their abilities and tactics. Led by Rob Schoenstein’s impressive three goals and supported by James O’Brien’s key plays, the team got off to the start they wanted. The players were in good shape and understood the game plan, creating excitement for the upcoming year.

Their next game against Southern Indiana FC further proved the Hooligans’ strengths, ending in a 2-0 victory. The goals by James O’Brien and Ross Collier stood out, especially as Southern Indiana FC has a lot of skilled players. The Hooligans proved they could take advantage of their opportunities, even when not controlling the game. New goalie Damiano Risi also made important saves, showing his value to the team.

The last preseason game against the Pre-College Development Academy was tight, ending in a 2-1 loss. Despite Stevie Jean’s goal, the team faced tough moments, including a penalty kick against them and an unlucky bounce affecting the result. This game was a valuable learning experience, introducing new players and adapting to changes quickly.

Head Coach Durand Engineer praised the team’s preseason efforts, noting the quality training, “We’ve had a good start to preseason with the boys putting in quality time in training. We are fortunate to be part of Indiana Fire Academy South and use CMTC for training and resources. I’m excited for the team and looking forward to seeing us grow and evolve”

Max Wawrin, a new addition to the Hooligans and recent graduate from KWC, expressed his excitement about joining the team and the potential he sees in the group. “I’m excited for the opportunity to continue my career with Hooligans after just graduating from KWC,” Wawrin stated. “I think we have a very talented young team with guys who want to take this program to the next level that work really hard on the pitch. If we can put it all together, this could be the start of something really special.” Wawrin’s positive outlook underscores the team’s desire to improve their game and make a significant impact in the league.

Drake Dickens, a defender returning to the team, shared his teammates’ enthusiasm and is optimistic about the upcoming season. “This year I’m looking forward to a better season with us having a solid showing in our preseason so far, beating two decent teams comfortably,” Dickens mentioned. “On top of that, I can’t wait to play at home to show the fans that we are a competitive team this year.” Dickens’ positive attitude highlights the team’s united effort to perform well and establish their presence for their fans.

The next piece we’re working on is going to shine a spotlight on the Midwest Hooligans’ rivals in the UPSL Gateway Conference. We’re kicking things off by just giving you a rundown of the teams the Hooligans will be facing off against this season: Southern Indiana FC, 314 SC, STL Fusion, Springfield FC, and St. Louis City Academy. After that initial introduction, we’ll dig deeper into an analysis of each squad, sharing some personal thoughts and predictions for how the season might unfold.

Mark your calendars as the season starts April 5th where the Hooligans take on Southern Indiana Guardians at home. 8pm kickoff at EVSC Soccer Fields!


Midwest Hooligans Strong Preseason Builds 2024 Promise!

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Midwest Hooligans Strong Preseason Builds 2024 Promise!


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