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Lexington Sporting Club Secures Back-to-Back Wins Against St. Charles

Anyone else feeling a bit of déjà vu? In what can only be described as a stellar start to the season, Lexington Sporting Club’s W League squad continues to blaze through their matches with an impressive display of skill and teamwork. Fishnick and Utley both notched braces in our first road contest of the season, keeping our record perfect! Let’s dive into the highlights of the first two unforgettable matches against St. Charles FC.

On Friday, May 10, Lexington’s USL W League team played their first match of the season at Toyota Stadium in Georgetown. Under a bright blue sky, fans turned up to support the Gals in Green; the match was free and open to the public. After a thirty minute delay, fans and players alike were ecstatic for the match to begin! Lexington’s W League squad consists of star studded talent with new and returning players who are eager to compete. The Gals in Green were hungry for a win, and it showed from the very beginning. 

The match started off hot with forward Katelynn Fishnick scoring the first two goals back to back. In the 15th minute, Fishnick scored the first goal of the season; shortly after, in the 21st minute, Fishnick scored AGAIN this time off an assist by JJ Aalbue. The Gals in Green scored twice more, leading 4-0 going into the first half. At the 29th, Mia Bookhard grabbed a ball deflected by the keeper and sent it flying into the net for our third goal. Then, at the 36th Autumn Weeks found the back of the net after a corner kick by Carola Fontan. 

On Saturday, May 18, Lexington Sporting Club faced off against St. Charles FC this time at their opponent’s home turf. The Gals in Green were hungry for another win. Just 22 minutes into the game, Katelyn Fishnick found herself perfectly positioned to execute a stunning volley, driving the ball straight into the back of the net. This marked her third goal of the season, setting the tone for the match and putting Lexington ahead 1-0. Fishnick’s precision and timing are impeccable!

Fishnick, once again, showcased her incredible talent by scoring her second goal of the match at the 51-minute mark. In just two matches, Fishnick has netted four goals, proving to be an unstoppable force on the field. Her consistent performance is a testament to her hard work and dedication. The scoreboard read 2-0, and the excitement was palpable.

Minutes after subbing in, Kailey Utley, St. Louis’ own, made an immediate impact by scoring a goal in the 56th minute, extending Lexington’s lead to 3-0. Utley’s entry into the game was nothing short of explosive, and her goal was met with thunderous applause from the Lexington supporters. Her quick adaptation and keen sense of positioning were crucial in securing this goal.

As if one goal wasn’t enough, Utley delivered yet again in the 74th minute, completing her brace and solidifying our dominance with a 4-0 lead. Both Fishnick and Utley have shown that they are players to watch this season, their synergy and individual prowess contributing significantly to our victories.

With such a strong start, the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming W League matches are at an all-time high. Fans couldn’t ask for a better start than this to their sophomore W League season! Stay tuned, Lexington fans, and keep cheering for the Gals in Green as they continue their quest for glory.


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