Golden Lions Pounce On Another Win

The Bowling Green Football Club (BGFC) Golden Lions continued their winning ways in a 2-0 victory over Midwest Hooligans (MWH) from Evansville, IN in a match that had its fair share of excitement.

The game started with both teams having good chances early on. BGFC’s #10 Swierkosz played a back pass to #20 Pollark, who had a shot dribble into the box but was collected by the Hooligans’ keeper. Midwest quickly played a long ball and had a great look before BGFC’s #17 Gordon headed the ball out of the box to keep the Hooligans off the scoreboard early. 

BGFC’s #10 Swierkosz had a great look at the opening goal as he struck a free kick from the top of the Midwest box that was just punched over the top of the crossbar by the MWH keeper. 

After all that excitement, things slowed down and turned into a real-life game of Pong. MWH successfully broke down the left side of the Golden Lions’ defense but never had a real chance in the first half. 

In the 37th minute, Midwest Hooligans #18 was shown a yellow card for throwing down #11 Bryan to the ground, which led to a free kick right inside the out-of-bounds line. BGFC’s #10 Swierkosz kicked the ball toward the goal, and the Hooligans’ keeper misplayed the ball. The ball dropped to BGFC’s #17 Gordon’s left foot. Gordon went off the right poll, back in off his chest and in; the Golden Lions had the lead they were looking for. 

The rain picked up in the second half as BGFC’s #10 Swierkosz was taken off the field as he was kicked in the shin; BGFC #23 Beganovic subbed on for the hobbled BGFC captain. The game slowed down from here as both teams struggled to keep position and really build any attack. It seemed as if the Midwest Hooligans could not put one past BGFC’s goalkeeper, #22 Gonzalez, and the Golden Lions were content with a 1-0 lead.

However, things changed in the 77th minute as BGFC’s goalkeeper Gonzalez was sent off with a red card. #12 Vincent replaced Gonzalez, and #9 Alvarez was taken off for the sub. Because of the red card, Gonzalez will miss the next match, and this will be a great opportunity for the top BGFC Youth Academy player Vincent, who recently committed to play collegiate soccer at Midway University. Midwest had a free kick right outside the box, which was blocked by BGFC and played out.

In the 81st minute, #23 Beganovic scored with an assist from #8 Amisi, securing the win for BGFC. Into stoppage time, #8 Amisi picked up a lower leg injury, and #18 Estrada missed off the side of the net as time expired, but the Golden Lions won! 

The victory was hard-fought, but the BGFC Golden Lions continue to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the UPSL Kentucky/Tennessee Division. With a record of two wins and two draws, the Golden Lions want to continue their winning ways and secure a spot in the playoffs as they jump up to 4th place in the division. The Golden Lions will take on these same Hooligans next weekend, this time on the road to Evansville, IN. 


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Golden Lions Pounce On Another Win

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Golden Lions Pounce On Another Win

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