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Gals in Green Dominate Racing Louisville

In a thrilling encounter between two formidable teams, the Gals in Green showcased their prowess on the pitch, securing a resounding victory over Racing Louisville FC. From stellar passes and assists to incredible tricks and goals, the match between Lexington and Louisville’s W League was one fans will be talking about forever. Here’s a recap of how the action unfolded:

8′ | The match kicked off with an early display of offensive intent as Lilia Steen unleashed a powerful shot, only to be denied by a remarkable save from the Louisville goalkeeper. Despite the setback, our determination remained unshaken.

40′ | As the first half progressed, the intensity escalated with an incredible sequence of events. Kailey Utley and JJ Aalbue launched consecutive shots on goal, testing the skills of the Louisville goalkeeper, Emma Teague, who showcased sheer brilliance with two astonishing saves. Undeterred, Lexington persisted in attacking efforts.

46′ | The commencement of the second half brought exciting news for our fans as fan favorite Katelyn Fishnick and Makala Woods ran onto the pitch, injecting fresh energy into the lineup.

59′ | A breakthrough moment arrived shortly after as high school sensation Brooke Dawahare capitalized on a pass from Katelyn Fishnick, calmly slotting the ball into the net to give us the lead.

65′ | For the rest of the match, the momentum swung decisively in Lexington’s favor as Makala Woods announced her presence with authority, netting not one, but two goals in quick succession.

70′ | Just when we thought the excitement couldn’t peak any further, Makala Woods delivered a sensational hat trick, leaving spectators in awe of her exceptional talent. With her clinical finishing, Woods propelled us to a commanding four-goal lead, sealing a memorable victory on home turf.

In this exhilarating in-state clash, the Gals in Green exhibited a blend of skill, determination, and teamwork, culminating in a dominant performance that will be remembered for years to come. As we celebrate this remarkable win, let us continue to support our team as they strive for further success in the season ahead. Go Gals in Green!


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Gals in Green Dominate Racing Louisville

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