Bowling Green FC’s Tactical Masterclass Overwhelms PDFC 7-1

In a thrilling game at The Pit on March 23, Bowling Green FC (BGFC) showed off their soccer skills by beating the new team, Paul Depay FC (PDFC), with a huge score of 7-1. This was the first time these two teams played against each other, with PDFC joining the competitive UPSL’s KY-TN Division.

Right from the start, the game was intense. Just 2 minutes in, a player from PDFC got a yellow card, showing how serious and tense the game was, especially for the new team. Even with some early nervousness, PDFC managed to keep up with the experienced BGFC for a while.

The game’s direction changed at the 12th minute when BGFC’s Josh Head, a new player on the team, took advantage of a quick throw-in from Douglas and scored, surprising the PDFC goalkeeper. But PDFC fought back and tied the game at the 19th minute, showing they were not giving up easily.

However, things got tough for PDFC when they received several yellow cards at the 29th, 32nd, and 34th minutes, leading to a red card that left them with only ten players. BGFC used this opportunity well, with Michael Swierkosz scoring a fantastic free kick at the 36th minute, shifting the game’s momentum to BGFC’s side.

More goals followed with Tarit Arangure and Josh Head scoring at the 42nd and 44th minutes, ending the first half with BGFC leading 4-1. In the second half, BGFC kept controlling the game, holding onto the ball 68% of the time and scoring three more goals, including Head completing a hat-trick.

Josh Head, with his four goals, was the standout player of the match, showing great teamwork and alignment with the team’s goals.

Even with the exciting game, only about 70 fans came to watch which is disappointing, possibly because the soccer scene in Bowling Green, KY, is growing with two more teams joining in FC Leopards and FK Han, giving fans more teams to choose from and spreading out the supporter base.

The match clearly showed BGFC’s strength and teamwork, making them a team to keep an eye on this season. Despite the tough start, PDFC showed some good moments and will look to improve in their upcoming games.

As BGFC celebrates their big win, they aim to keep playing at this high level all season. For PDFC, this match is a learning opportunity, helping them to grow and face the challenges in the UPSL.


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