About Bluegrass Soccer Cast

Welcome to Bluegrass Soccer Cast, your go-to source for all things soccer in Kentucky and beyond. Meet the passionate individuals behind the scenes who bring you the latest updates, engaging discussions, and in-depth coverage of soccer teams across the region.

Jimmie Martin - Co-founder / Host

Jimmie Martin, the driving force behind Bluegrass Soccer Cast, is not just a co-founder but also the charismatic host of our weekly show. With a deep love for soccer and a wealth of knowledge about the sport, Jimmie brings you insightful commentary, exclusive interviews, and a unique perspective on the world of soccer. Join him every week as he takes you on a journey through the beautiful game.

Jon Hunt - Co-host / Writer

Adding another layer of expertise to our team is Jon Hunt, the co-host of Bluegrass Soccer Cast. Jon’s dynamic presence and deep understanding of the sport contribute to the vibrant discussions and analysis on the show. Together with Jimmie Martin, Jon forms a dynamic duo that keeps you informed and entertained throughout each episode.

Fahad Alotaibi - Co-founder/ Manager

A dedicated sports photographer, videographer, and social media manager for multiple football clubs. My heart belongs to Alnassr, and as a true football fanatic, I’m passionate about capturing the essence of the beautiful game through my lens. Beyond photography, I actively manage the social media presence of various football clubs, connecting fans with the excitement both on and off the field. While my roots are in the football culture of Alnassr, I extend my support to football in the United States, embracing every moment from grassroots to professional levels.

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